Bach Flower Essences Repertory

Vibrational Essences (Bach Flower Essences) do not replace qualified medical assistance if you have a physical illness or disease. However they will complement and help that treatment on subtle levels.

Bach Flower Essences are categorized and indexed by issue / imbalance A - Z.
For example: click on "D" for daydreamer, "F" for faith, and so on.

Rock Water

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The ideas and suggestions identified on this site are not intended in any way as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Bach Flower Essences work most beneficially as part of a wholistic program of health care. They are not a substitute for medical attention or professional psychological counseling. If you are ill, please consult a qualified physician.
Bach Flower Essences work on subtle levels. They gently help to release old blocked energies held within our body, mind and emotions. We can achieve harmony and balance to all aspects of our being through these vibrational remedies.

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