31 Vervain

31 Vervain, Verbena officinalis

Guiding principle:
OVER-CARE FOR THE WELFARE OF OTHERS - Intense, over-enthusiasm

About this herb:
Scientific name: Verbena officinalis
Description: Vervain is a perennial that growa up to 3 feet, with an upright habit. It prefers limey soils. This ancient plant has been used in herbal medicine to treat nervous problems and insomnia. It was also considered an herb of inspiration and has long been regarded as a powerful ally of poets and writers. More recently, the Pawnee Indians used vervain to improve their dreaming. The lobed leaves are toothed, the delicate spikes hold mauve flowers.. Vervain prefers to grow in meager, dry soil, and one finds it above all on roadsides or in sunny pastures. The small blossoms are delicate, mauve to pink and grow between the hairy leaves and stems. It is in bloom from July to September.

The aims of this flower essence:
In one´s overeagerness to stand up for a good cause, one ruins one´s energy, reacts missionarily to fanatically.

Dr. Bach wrote:
Those with fixed principles and ideas, which they are confident are right, and which they very rarely change. They have a great wish to convert all around them to their own views of life. They are strong of will and have much courage when they are convinced of those things that they wish to teach. In illness they struggle on long after many would have given up their duties. (The 12 Healers and other remedies, 1936)

Vervain Vervain

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